Tuition fees payment plans

LIAS has a flexable and user friendly payment plan for all College fees available for all students throughout the training years. It is the responsibility of each student to liaise with their sponsors on the choice of their payment plan. The following is a summary of the Fees Payment Plan:


LIAS manages a policy of granting study leave to students who meet financial difficulties and fail to follow their payment plans. This is meant to help students avoid being penalized for failing to pay tuition fees on time.
A 35% (thirty-five percent) penalty shall be applied on all College fees that are paid beyond the deadline of September for January intakes; and March for July intakes. This penalty shall be applied indiscriminately regardless of the reasons for the delayed payment. Hence students are encouraged to watch their chosen College fees calendars and make haste to take the necessary action on time before the deadline falls due. This is to say that the leave policy for financial reasons shall not be considered after the official deadline for payment of College fees is expires as described above.