Training progress reports

It is a policy of this College to supervise students’ training and learning at individual level for both Theory and Practical skills development. Each student is therefore expected to be monitored through:

Classroom and Clinical Area Attendance – all lectures and skills training are compulsory. Absence without permission shall warrant disciplinary action.

  • Classes begin at 08:00hrs and end at 16:00hrs Monday to Friday; with breaks at 10:00 hrs to 10:30hrs, and lunch-break from 12:30hrs to 13:55hrs. Students shall not be allowed out of the College gate without permission after 10:30 hrs and after 13:55 hrs.
  • Students are expected to report for work at their various Practical sites and knock-off according to the Time-table given in each particular case.

Student’s Progress Report – all students are expected to do their theory and practical assessment and assignments as planned. The awarded scores will be tallied on individual score sheets and graphs to monitor the progress of individual students before they can attempt any major examinations. The passing score for both theory and clinical practice shall remain at a 55% (fifty-five percent) score line.

Students’ professional skills shall also be monitored and assessed to determine the suitability for continuation of training and attempting major examinations. Each student is therefore expected to practice on at least 75% of all the procedures programmed for the particular academic year. Failure to achieve this target shall warrant a six (6) months deferment.