Student Uniform

Students are required to wear their Identity Cards and respective uniforms when on campus and clinical areas at all times. The Identity card should have the right authenticating signature and bear the Student’s name, Program of study and student’s identification number. This Identity Card should be WORN at all times when the student is on campus and clinical area, regardless of time and day.

This shall serve to identify students on campus in the midst of members of staff and visitors who come to the College for various businesses. No student shall be allowed on campus without uniform at any particular time. Students are therefore cautioned not to take off their uniform whilst on campus or clinical area.
The LIAS uniform is identified as follows:

Clinical Medicine students’ Uniform –
(for both male and female students)

  • a short sleeved laboratory Coat with a green collar and the College logo
  • This uniform should be worn during week days on campus.
  • a light green T-Shirt with a LIAS logo stamp on the pocket. This T-Shirt should be worn during weekends and public holidays on campus.
  • Student’s LIAS Identity Card

Registered Nurse Students’ uniform –
Registered Nurse -Female Students

  • A white and green stripped dress dropping upto atleast 10cm below the knee.
  • Flat heeled Black or brown shoes
  • White cap stripped with green lines according to the level of study.
  • Bush green T-shirt with a LIAS logo on the pocket
  • Student’s LIAS Identity Card

Registered Nurse- Male Students

  • A white short sleeved mini-coat with a LIAS logo stamp and green hierarchy stripes on the shoulders.
  • Black trousers.
  • Black or brown shoes
  • Bush green T-shirt with a LIAS logo on the pocket.
  • Student’s LIAS Identity Card.

LIAS is a learning Institution and as such, students are cautioned against using the College for expression of extreme cultural, religious or social affiliations (such as contrary hair dyes) that contradict with the standards set for the College. Therefore, all students are required to observe the correct standards on their uniform and avoid any alterations from the prescribed standards on students’ uniform. In particular students are not allowed to put on any hats, caps and head veils that cover the face (head veils should end on the hair line). Wearing of bareback shirts, sleeveless T-shirts or shirts or blouses; slacks, tight trousers, shorts, and skirts that fall above the knees shall not be allowed whilst on campus and clinical sites.
Incorrect uniform violates professional ethics and the security Code of the College and shall therefore warrant disciplinary action on the offenders.